​About Me​​​​​

If you want to look slim, attractive, and healthy, you surely will feel right at home here. This site is basically about real ways to naturally lose weight and be healthy by practicing custom keto diet that suits your condition.

I started this site after going through many conventional attempts to control my weight and high blood pressure, and some other ailments. I turned to the natural diets and methods available for these problems and since then I have been doing good.

I was fortunate to live in West Africa - Ghana where I did my university education. I learn to  appreciate the natural foods and herbs from the tropics and how they are extensively used as foods.

It was not easy to see fat people. Most people were slender and I was slender and healthy too until I arrived in the United States. A nation with extra large fast foods and drinks.

The food majority of the West Africans ate were naturally organic. It came from the soil directly and the meat was not force - fed.

When I moved to the United States of America, my food pattern changed dramatically because I started enjoying fast foods. Suddenly I started having ailments I never had before, such as allergies, pneumonia, high BP, and lose of energy. I also started gaining weight. The weight gain shocked me very much. I did not want to see myself like that.

My first approach to solving these problems was to depend on conventional medicines. Some postponed the problems for a while but added some side effects that were not acceptable.

 Eventually, I decided to go the natural route and that was where
I got my breakthrough. Keto diet remedies help a lot. Today, I love the way I look and feel a lot healthier.

The human body is designed to absorb natural fixes. My research in America combined with the knowledge acquired from tropical West Africa has encouraged me to let others know that custom keto diet is real and you will definitely see a good result. In addition, a well-rounded healthy growth also needs a stress-free environment. That is why I extended the research to cover other areas like natural ways to be stress-free in my ebook.

Except for some conditions that call for medical attention, I will admonish you to seriously look into original diet methods especially the keto plan and discover how best they can help you lose weight and be healthy.